SSA Name List Observations

5 May

*pokes website*

Oh, yeah… this thing exists!

So today, (May 5) the SSA released the most popular names of 2010.

Without further adieu, I present the top ten (if, for some reason you haven’t seen it already).

Rank Male name Female name
1 Jacob Isabella
2 Ethan Sophia
3 Michael Emma
4 Jayden Olivia
5 William Ava
6 Alexander Emily
7 Noah Abigail
8 Daniel Madison
9 Aiden Chloe
10 Anthony Mia


So, I predicted Jacob’s stickiness. It’s been there for more than a decade. I wasn’t surprised by Aiden’s appearance, although I think it’s rather amusing that both Aiden and Jayden are in the top 10. William still hasn’t moved down. (GRR).

I didn’t think Isabella was going to stay the top name. I mean really. The Twilight rage is pretty much over. I thought either Sophia or Olivia would be the number 1. Sophia bumped Emma out of her #2 spot. I was pretty surprised that Olivia fell.

I’m rather glad to see Madison going down, it’s starting to get dated. The girl’s names are literally all the same.

As for the boys, newcomer Aiden knocks off Joshua. I’m surprised Joshua fell so quickly.

And moving on from the top ten, here’re the names I was watching:

Aria: Went from 511 to 356
Isla: Debuted in 2008 at 620, went to 345 in 2009, then 297 in 2010. Watch this one. It’s top 20 material
Honor: not in the top 1000, interesting. I like this ‘un
Eloise: Went from debut at 913 to 530
Ireland: Went from 816 to 838
Hannah: Went from 23 to 23
Rose: Went from 351 to 337 (grr again)

And my barometer names:

Lydia: 118-111
Linda: 556 to 624
Gretchen: 995- off the list
Elizabeth: 11-12 (and Elisabeth: 552-591, thank the goddess, it’s falling!)
Tyler: 28-34

More on the fall of Hannah later!

Gwendolyn and William… and Cecily

30 Jan

It’s been lurking in my drafts box for a while, but here it is, finally, Gwen, Will and Cec.

Yeah, I know I said they’d be in pairs, but it’s pairs of girls and a boy, okay?

Right. Now for the names,

William: My late grandfather was named John “Jack” William. If I was a boy, I would have been Tyler William. I love the nickname Will, especially after Ranger’s Apprentice. I don’t particularly like Billy or Willy (the former because of bad associations, and the latter as it is a slang term for a certain male organ). I always picture a Will as being strong and sensitive… of course, that’s also how I picture James and Jonathan, but that’s a different story. In the last favourites post, I mentioned James being a literary name that I used in one of my stories, Will is his son-in-law (James’ daughter Rose married Will). Don’t tell anyone, James is supposed to be better, but I think I like Will’s character better. Anyway, back to William, it’s just the kind of name I love, classic, strong, soft, and, well, kinda preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety

Gwendolyn: Originally, this coveted second (third?) spot was held by Katherine. Nothing had the hope of reaching the heights of Elizabeth (until Elisabeth and Rose came along). Then I started realizing my REAL naming style, and just how many names are really out there (especially for girls!, but more on that later.) So Gwendolyn and her minions started to creep up my list. Her minions being Genevieve and Gwenhwyfar (well, that’s Welsh for Guinevere.) So Gwendolyn sat at a comfortable number 5, and started creeping again, bringing with her Charlotte. Charlotte and Gwendolyn were BOTH my number two for a while, but Charlotte started to lose favour, and while it’s still on my top 10, it isn’t quite as high anymore.

Cecily: This one’s a member of my C group (that includes the aforementioned Charlotte, as well as Caoimhe, Cole, Christian, and Clara). It’s my favourite form of Cecelia, and I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it, but I loved it almost immediately. (And, BTW, it’s SESSA-lee). Interestingly enough, I dislike Cicely (I don’t like the SISS sound, but I love SESS). I like the nickname Cec (SESS), but do you think it’s too close to Cess (as in cesspool)?  I think I could see myself with a pair of daughters named Rose and Cecily or Elisabeth and Gwendolyn, but not Gwendolyn and Cecily, for some reason. (Liss and Cec are fine, though).

Next in this little series is Charlotte, Isabel, and Jonathan.

~Laura Rose

Thirty Days of Truth: Day 1: Something You Hate About Yourself

30 Jan

I’m a creepy internet stalker, I know.

What I hate about myself?

Not much. I don’t think I really HATE anything.

I don’t like that sometimes I say really, really stupid stuff. I can’t stand stupid people. I’m judgemental, and I don’t like people who name their kids things like Lenga Tnes Nevaeh   (Heaven Sent Angel).

Oh, and I procrastinate. It took me 2 hours to write this.


For Your Heart’s Love: Ramblings and Kellyn

29 Jan

Well, the name of this blog IS Love and Names, so it’s not just about names.

Now I need to rant about Kellyn, Little Miss, EGLM, and purple.

A. Kellyn: STFU and get along with Will already, jeez. It’s not MY fault Rose fil with him. SHE married him, get over it. (And James, just stop already. You and Kell already went through this. And we all know her father’s an ass. So just get over it, and let me get on with making up their lives.) (Oh, and Elspeth is adorabible.)

B&C. Little Miss, Every Girl Like Me, and Incredible Machine: Can you get out of my head so I can stop writing you all over my school stuff? (A heart that beats, An incredible machine, Made of blood and love and hope and lust and steam. [Take another look at the hide and the seek, and the wrapper you found and the flavour beneath of the tootsie pop, drop, don’t stop, ’cause I’ll be your favouri-tah] {It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, yeah sometimes you’ve gotta lose till you win. It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, and it’ll be all right again; I’m okay, it’ll be all right again; I’m okay.}) 😛

D: Purple: As per the bet with myself, I can’t wear purple until Wednesday next (2/2/11). I wear a LOT of purple, so this is hard. Damn laundry.

~Laura Rose the Awesomeator (Hey, I’m 16, let me be)

On Firefly, Applemittens and MistyPony

29 Jan

I have several usernames around the internet. The oldest one has been with me since I entered the internet when I was 11 (2005). My email account is slightly older than that (something like 2003). All my emails have the same name, Applemittens (and those are my main emails, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). I have other emails (like the one for this website is I have a business email, and a professional one, LauraRoseS******. But Applemittens is my very first. It comes from my childhood love of horses (specifically Appaloosas, hence the Apple) and my cat Mittens (who died in 2005).

My first individual accounts, starting when I was 13 were on and Neopets. I was trying to come up with something unique, and my aunt was over with her dogs, so she suggested Misty, one of them. So MistyDoggie it became. Later, that morphed into a new account, MistyPony, with the double meaning of the dog and the horse (because I was still obsessed with horses). And I made a new one so I tacked on 1994, the year I was born. I get called MistyPony or MP94 a lot.

And my most recent acquisition, Firefly’s Love and Loyalty (born Summer/Fall 2009). I love the Vampire Academy books, and the tagline is “Love and Loyalty Run Deeper Than Blood”… the Love and Loyalty bit. I was entranced by the fireflies outside my window for weeks, and I really wanted to use it as a name somewhere, so when I made a new account, with a username that was allowed spaces, I didn’t want to use MP94, because it seemed overused, and I was trying to be more creative, so Firefly’s Love and Loyalty it became.

I now use MP94 and Firefly interchangeably, tending towards MP94 because I’ve used it for so long. When I do use Firefly, sometimes the whole thing is too long, no spaces are allowed, apostrophes don’t show up, etc. Then I just become FireflysLove.

(please don’t email me (except, which I check every 3 days or so) or cyberstalk me, thanks greatly.)

~Laura Rose

P.S. On my use of Laura Rose as my internet name. Being a BN lover, I frequently run into other Lauras, so I became Laura Rose to distinguish myself. I’m just Laura in RL.

My Favourite Names for Each Letter

13 Jan

Yeah, I know I said it’d be William and Co., but I felt like doing this.

Arabelle(a)  and Adrian
Bryony and Byron
Cecily and Cole
Danica and Daniel
Elisabeth and Elliot
Felicity and Finnian
Gwendolyn and Gareth
Honora and Holden
Isabel and Ian…?
Jennifer and James
Katherine and Kellen/Keiran
Lily and Linden
Marian/Mary and Magnus (I guess…)
Nola and Nolan
Olivia and Oliver
Phillippa(Pippa) and Peter
Quinn and Quinn?
Rose and Ronan
Saoirse and Soren…
Talia and Tynan
Unity and Ulrich?
Vivian and Victor?
Willow and William
Xylia and Xander
Ysabel and Yarden
Zoe and Zeke

I don’t like nearly as many boy names

Middle Names

1 Jan

Also Known As: The Land of the Belles

My middle name is Rose. It’s my favourite name, and favourite middle name.

Other names I like for middle names are:


Wait… what’s up with all those -bel(le) names? Well, I don’t know, I love them so much. Interestingly, I don’t neccesarily love -elle names for middle names, though.

For boys, my favourites are:

-William (Although, I love it more as a first name)

I’m not in love with many boy’s names, but the ones I do like tend to work as both middle and first names.

Next: Gwendolyn (and Cecily) and William